Tips to Soundproof Windows

Nothing can be more relaxing than coming back to your house after a very long, busy day of work as well as enjoy the distant life from the outside world. However, your whole serenity is interrupted when you hear the annoying sound of the streets, early morning garbage collecting trucks honking at your gate, and also, your noisy neighbors. 


With this noise from your home’s outdoors, it gets really hard to loosen up your nerves or remain focused. As a matter of fact, people living in busier portions of your city better recognize it that how these noises make it hard to sleep properly and work efficiently. 

If you’ve been thinking that what creates such an open pathway for various kinds of sounds entering your residential property, well, it is your windows. In addition to that, windows are basically the weakest components of a building because they are much thinner compared to the surrounding links. Thus, it is not a surprise why people usually labeled the windows as the ears of your home. 

With that being said, if you too are just annoyed with the grumpy dogs barking, unnecessary noise pollution and even people yelling outside your house, the most perfect way in order to get over with the situation is to make your roof soundproof. For this, you have to install windows which offer noise insulation. Actually, this type of replacement windows is installed with much thicker, multiple planed, as well as laminated glass with bigger air gaps making it hard for the sounds or noises to penetrate through. However, if you’re searching for the more inexpensive option to solve the noise entering your home, the following tips should be complied: 

Begin by Sealing the Even Small Air Gaps 

Sound waves basically travel openly on the path of the least resistance. The noises which irk you usually come from the air gaps in your leaky or damaged window frames. Any kind of small cavities and gaps around the areas where your home windows link to the foundation creates clear pathways for the unnecessary noise to come inside your house and bother you. Thus, it is very important to seal the small air gaps with the use of a weather stripping and caulking. 

Install Thick Soundproof Curtains 

Actually, what most of the homeowners do not know is that adding bulk or mass to the surface is one of the most effective ways to block the annoying noise through it. Therefore, in order to soundproof your room with lesser expense, purchase dense and heavy material curtains which can block unwanted noise and light as well as make your house more power-efficient. 

Install Window Shades or Blinds 

Another effective method to lessen noise levels in your house is to utilize thick material shades and blinds for your windows. Their process of installation is low cost and very simple, and gives you a significant reduction in noise as well. Also, they work excellently in blocking the scorching sunlight during the summer season. 


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